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Reviews for "Squirrel Squash"


that was amazing!!!


i absolutely love it.


Dude, i must say that was the coolest thing since DOA beach volly ball and Romain Noddles.Pure awesome. GOd that was sweet.
Great JOB

How can i begin to describe this?

Genius would be an undersatement. First , the music rocks , is fast paced, and fits perfectly with the squirrel, wich brings me to my next point. Squirells are hilarious, and this makes it even more true. Just collecting nuts that sound like your collecting coins from mario, a fast squirrel on a track. Don't forget the simplicity of it all. Go fast, jump, and go to the right. BRILLIANT!!!


Its so simple yet SO FUN!!

Not too many games feature a hyper squirrel (foamy doesnt count cuz hes not in a game!), so this premise is fresh and new

Love the music, make more of these games, i beg you