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Reviews for "dolphin dash"


Its like something you would tihnk about when you are on acid

Short, Simple, and Sweet

The guys at Mausland are damn good. If you can stand the music loops that is. They have a great formula: Simple, some time's we don't need super complex, plus it means quick load times. Short, let them play and continue on, some games are too long to finish, again, load times. And sweet, strange and pointless, hypnotic and addictive, it's a beautiful system, i'm hooked.

Pretty good game

the game was ok the sound and changing colors wer hypnotic at first then the whole thing just ended by giving me a head ache especially that endless loop of that damn japanese punk rock it got really annoying

wooohh man

that game was so fast,, i mean,, it was like woooooO!!! soooo super fast man! i almost died, i was like blasting off into space,,, hahahaha,,, too bad it wasnt longer..... reminded me of another game i once played on 64 that was also very fast,, well, nice game n stuff.. make another one, but longer.

Freakin awesome

This game was obviously made for druggies. And as a game made for druggies, it is pure gold. Awesome freaking job.