Reviews for "A Guy Named Ochs"

Well it was intresting :S

Brilliantly put together. These people who put 0 out of 10 are idiots, i mean c'mon you got to give it atleast a 2 for the graphics even if you didnt' like the idea behind it, Well done mate congrates on making a great flash.

Not Bad

I think i liked it! nice style, graphics, not too shabby, but i would say that the kind of humour you used, bearing in mind that it is my kinda humour, would have been better suited for a cartoon, liiiiike the simpsons for example. It didn't really work as well as it should in flash. I could see that the material that you had there was funny, but it lacked a certain depth (which comes from the kind of presentation)....but overall i think it was pretty good...well done


not very good idea. try something....funny. or something violent.

You are a god in the making!!!

I am awe-struck by your talent, so much that I need a smoke....that was tasteful, funny and witty....you are a force to be reckonned with....and we, the members of the N.S.A. will put an end to your funniness!

Just kidding, but we ARE watching you....even now...put that issue of Hustler down, you bastard!

She's only seventeen!!!!

Best I've seen all night!

This is a great movie, and made better by the fact that it's educational(well, I personally feel that the educational matter has no bearing on the quality unless the focus is to be educational). The humor reminded me strongly of Southpark. I can almost picture Chef in the part of the old guy and Cartmen or Stan as the editor in the glasses.