Reviews for "A Guy Named Ochs"


I'm a sucker for history! Way to go!

Now I know who Mr. Ochs was...

...and I'm better for it. Thanks for the cool, educational video. Humor really does make learning lots more fun. (I really appreciated the little last-moment jab at _The New Republic_, too!)

Excellent production values, pacing, good art, decent audio quality and voice acting. Good job all around. FIVE!


that was great one of the best


It had a nice spoofey feel to it and did make me laugh several times. You have a good sense of comic timing. I feel a tiny bit harsh about theok thats better it was a nice submission and i enjoyed watching and *gasp* learning from it

SOAD's suggestion: watch it!

not just the facts

the jokes were well placed and frequent. really enjoyed the learning i done got.