Reviews for "Lost in Ambience"


Very very very very very calm...i love it...


Congrats on #1 of top 5!

KTRECORDS responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it. It was one of those moments where jason sent me an idea, and I was already in this chilled out state, and then this was born.

Thanks, again. I think I like it in the top 5 =)

-Josh Kemp (Kelwynshade / KTRecords)

Pretty amazing!!!!

I really enjoyed listening this track, so amazing I said, But That's not I can say, How relaxing, so silence. XDXDXD GREETS fOR this one.


That dude that voted 2, can just go home and die..
This is song is awsome:)
Its chill bro, chill..


I dont rate often but after i saw the dumbass before me me make a stupid fuckin post i just had to come back and say that the song was badass man. The melody sucks you in. Even tho it repeats, doesnt every song to some point? and it does have a varying beat in there. Yea, hes stupid. Nice job man,

Nice Tune

It has a really nice and relaxing feel to it, that much I can say. It really does deserve the best of the week. But I do think slowing it down a bit and making it slightly quieter would make it more of an ambient song.
That's just me though, You still get a 5/5 and 10/10. ^^