Reviews for "Lost in Ambience"


Absolutely amazing, the melody is soooo beautiful, it makes me feel like I'm in a dream, or a place far far away. It also has an oriental, Eastern flavor to it. I just registered on the site because I want to write comment on this song <3333

KTRECORDS responds:

That's awesome. I appreciate you taking the time to to register just to say you enjoyed this. This song has taken off quite a bit, i'd say. I'm happy people are enjoying this so far.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for the review.


Out of this world

Stellar man.. you could fall asleep to this. keep it up


reaally nice. This'll put me to sleep, in a good way. Nice job. It sounds beautiful, reminds me of water somehow.

i like the synth......

but the drums need to be a tad louder. i can barely hear them (or is that what was ssupposed to happen?)


Some of the best music that i have heard in the music game, but it still needs vocals, longer time, and perhaps maybe a video to go with it then you'll be set and on your way to California to make more and more, if you did this you can do whatever you want to do... Peace