Reviews for "Final Fantasy Gil Quest"

for fucks sakes

i mean how long did it took u to do this? and how fucking bored were you when u did this? i mean fucking shit the TV store part was good but it was way too long and stupid.... keep em shorter next time man, also like work on the artwork.

Ok it wasent great

The Graphics were ok but it has the same plot. The movie isent funny what so ever It's not like i hate Final Fantesy but this one sucked im sorry.Try harder

Just one word, GAY!!!!!!!!!

what the fuck? this was a waste of time to make and to watch. we have all grown more stupid just for watching. i think this movie gave me cancer.

Not that good

Hmm. I really can't say that I liked that very much at all. The graphics were horrible and were likely drawn up very quickly, the animation was slim and sparse (the characters hardly moved at all), the audio timing was WAY off (at times the sound played at least a second off-track), and the humor was staler than last week's bread. The actual context--the dialogue--would've been much more interesting if it were said by a voiceactor who knew what he was doing. However, some things in this movie shouldn't have been in there because it JUST ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE... such as the All Your Base reference (AYB STOPPED BEING FUNNY 4 YEARS AGO), the Olsen Twins (Yes, they suck. This has been a true and undisputed fact for years now. Everyone knows it.) and above all the fact that very little of this has anything to do with Final Fantasy at all, other than the fact that the 2 main characters are named/drawn after actual monsters. Were it not for that that this is yet another movie that needs to rely on final fantasy to get a score that is greater than 0.4, it would have been blammed off of newgrounds. Instead, front page. omfwtg.

What bothered me most was the timing. I mean, it had a LOT of problems--the jokes were laced together so loosely that whatever you tried together lost all chance of being funny. It's as though you just took every one of the meekly-voiced wav files and piled them one on top of another rather than worried about timing at all.

This gets a blam.

hate it

was too dragged on and sucked more then anything else i've ever seen on this site