Reviews for "Final Fantasy Gil Quest"

Wow, that was pretty damn good.

The graphics weren't good at all, but the characters were so likeable and the comedy so hilarious that it didn't even matter by the end. Thanks to the great sound and voices it all came together very well. The best Final Fantasy parody since the Chocobo Mix, in fact its funnier then Legendary Frog's stuff, you just need better visuals and this film would easily be a perfect 10.

Earth-Mage-2000 responds:

You're talking about the backrounds right? Because there wasn't much I could improve on the characters. But, yeah, I'll work on backrounds more in the next movie, thanks for the constructive critisizm.

Olsen twins?.... KILL!

LOL great flash. You better make more or i get very sad and smash things. Why not include the little blue alien guy or the fuzzy lion type thing next time. I didnt expect it to be so long but I liked it all. If I was Ton I woulda used Ultima screw the little wussy fire spells ^^



omfg that was probably one of the most hilarious ff movies i have ever seen your ideas are great lol make more movie dude!

Quite funny!

And highly recommended to FF fans...

True blue, ha

you're only true blue if you didnt start with FF7.good flim btw

Earth-Mage-2000 responds:

I don't know what in the world you're talking about. I don't thik you do either. BTW, your rounding sucks, how can a 7, 2, 1, 0, 4 and 3 equal a 1? Everyone else who reveiwed liked it, probably because great minds think alike.