Reviews for "Trip 1"

haha this is great!

as soon as i saw this i said "Screw Society" out loud for some reason, then saw that those words were on the pic itself >.> it was really strange lol
nice pic tho :D

Trippy Picture.

Excellent use of colouring to make it look trippy, but stand out from all the other trippy/colourful pictures out there. And I'll bump up the rating to 9 cause of the Psychonauts reference. Best. Game. Ever. :D


Not sure why you have/had such a shitty rating...

Love the subject matter, the only complaint I have is that for this style it seems like nice clean vector line art would really push you over the edge into "holy fucking shit" territory.

If you have no concept of color theory, you're not doing terribly....just stick with it try to research it a little. You'll only get lucky a few times before you start to drive yourself mad wondering why your colors "no longer work".

Always good !

You deserved to be frontpaged !