Reviews for "Trip 1"


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An enticing color pallet that grasp attention

Colors. The ver building block of sight and visual art. Without color, there would be no artwork, or anything tangible for that matter. Usage of coloring can truly make a piece shine brighter than any star in the universe, or darker than the largest black hole. Some do not require much coloring and can make do with a rather simplistic, minimalist pallette. Other pieces on the other hand, utilize a plethora of colors nad shade variations that generate an equisite feast for the visual senses and provoke the imagination to run wild with ideas and colorful daydreams. Trip 1, created by torithefox, displays the very essense of coloring in artwork and delivers a very imaginative and creative piece shrouded in the beauty of what colors can bring to artwork.

Starting off from the very first thing that I see, I still cannot stretch the various elements brought to life with these color pallets. The characters and backgrounds just pop off of the screen and straight into the minds and eyes of the viewers. One can almost picture the seemingly statuesque characters fully animated in their strange and colorful world, granting passage to all those willing to admire it. The design useage has a very out of contol and chaotic feeling to it, with many curving elements as well as the style granted to the characters and background components, while at the same time has a rather self-controlled feel to it. I guess the best way to describe this attribute would be "Concise Chaos", or a chaotic style that still manages to carry its own tempo, so to speak. The piece carries the same surreal and imaginative atmosphere that the cult classic game "Psychonauts," a game that granted the player a sight at the same surrealist design style and visual creativity as this image.

The piece could still use a bit of modification and refinement to better improve its visual appeal. For one, the artist should try to branch out the setting a bit and add a few more details to the background and foreground elements in the piece. Feel free to add minscule details in all of the compositional elements in the piece to help it flourish before both yourself and the viewer. Secondly, some parts feel a little flat and could use a bit more personality to them. Add more detail in the primary subjects clothing (wrinkles, tears, pockets, etc.) the piece stand out even further than it could before.

With relatively small flaws and a lot of potential, Trip 1 delivers an enticing color palett that grasps the attention of the viewer and never let's it go.

Looking forward to this

You have just 1 page finished and I already love this!
I also disagree with BansheeIndian, who got a good point but didn't get that making this as colorful as possible is the best thing to do (because of the subject)

...I like it!

It kinda reminded me of "Where the wild things are". Pretty sweet man


i love it... damn this is just my style. I'd really like to see more.