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Reviews for "Louis Armstrong"


Wow, really? This piece is amazing. If I had not known it was drawn, I'd probably think that it's a photograph.


amazing and no trolls! all ratings are 10!

Amazing tribute

Louis Armstrong... didn't expect to see him on newgrounds, newgrounds doesn't seem to be a place where a lot of people would appreciate jazz. The picture itself is amazing, It's pretty close to as realistic as it gets. Even the trumpet seems to be right (I have seen even proffesional artists that butcher the anatomy of a trumpet so really great job). Even your signature looks awesome, I wish my signature was that cool. You easily earned a 10 and the front page.

OOOH wow

I saw this piece a while ago, but never reviewed it before. Truly amazing, it is astounding that this ISN'T a photograph. True props. I actually used this picture in my history project (that cool?) my project was over jazz in the 20's. When I said that this picture was painted everyone was also amazed at the fact, half of the kids wouldn't believe me.

crtaranto responds:


And i thought to myself what a wonderful skills!