Reviews for "PsychoGlass"

its good!

It would be good for like a zombie movie or a apocolypse or deadly infection movie!
LOL, imagine that.

diferent and

I liked it!


Ich hab mich nich wirklich an Philip Glass erinnert gef├╝hlt, eher an Johannsson... Aber nett gemacht, chills an scares gleichzeitig.

It was definitely really good, but...

I was waiting and waiting for some kind of explosion, if you know what I mean. It kept building up and building up, but it never fully let loose.

I do like the eeriness of it, though.

Zerfetzer responds:

and yeah...u r so right...but that was my intention on it...that is what makes it even more psycho...;)...it goes on and on and on...and there is no final destination at all...


I suppose this is alright; its a little squeaky, and that hurts my ears, but if you looked at it from an introdynamic spective...It sounds like the moving of machines, and their glorious work that they do for us every day.
And it worships the works who operate them :).
Well made, just not as well as it could be.