Reviews for "PsychoGlass"


What Elfire said. I couldn't have said it better myself. This is awesome. I usually like upbeat songs, but this is quite good. Great music man.


I actually love everything about this (even the little squeaky sound some people expressed their dislike of)! Very unique... reminds me of machines working... excellent... I even like the slight moments that sound out of tune at times, especially when it bends back to pitch like it's working, striving to get somewhere... :)


Ilike it ill take one. ever seen the movie "The Jacket" this song sounds like it. Awesome to be used in a soundtrack on a movie even.

Brilliant, Superb!!!

Stolen, and favored! I am not sure what it reminds me of but there is something about it that is there in my subconscious. You have talent! This could have been a soundtrack in any of the blockbusters out there. Keep up the good work :-)


this is hella trippy cool. Sounds like a song from a movie.