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Reviews for "Valley of Death--_--"


An awesome song. Really nothing wrong with it. just a bit repetitive sometimes.

Dark,dirty and evil.

I always liked most of your music and this is one piece that i like.
This was very dark and bad ass.I felt energetic at first part and about 3.13 mellow.This song changes moods and i like that.There was a scent of something epic about it.Overall good!
The main thing that bugs me in your work is the quality of tools you are working with.I don't know is it on purpose but most of your songs sound very MIDI-ish to me.Like they were made on a C64 program or sort.
Overall I enjoyed and,am enjoying your work.Thanks.
9/10 and 5/5

PERVOK responds:

Yeah... thanks for the review and all but this is definitely not MIDI :(


i used this in one of my movies, its a good song


This woul be great for a fight scence

very good

it might be a little better if you added words?? Just making a suggestion