Reviews for "A song, with no title"

my favorite song ever on NG!

ever since you first popped up and owned my face with you music about a year ago, i knew you had talent.
and then i listen to this.
this is so fuckin heavy and so stupidly metal, that im bleeding black outta my ears.
this song has surpassed everythings else on NG for me.
its amazing. the speedy part thats start at about 1:35 sounds alot like avenged sevenfold, i dont know if they are an inspiration to you but it sounds like them.
the break down at 3:09 blows my mind.
Fuckin amazing job keep this shit up.
Cant wait for Cthulhu Pt. 2


TheRealSam responds:

Woow thanks a lot!! :)
Glad to see that you listened to my work from the very begining! :)
No I wasn't realy influenced by Avenged, but rather by As Blood Runs Black or some It Dies Today maybe.
Don't worry, Part 2 will come soon ^^

Holy Music.

This song is freaking unbelievable. Definitely going on my i-pod.
Do you have a MySpace account that you put your music on?
One more thing, if you do try to a Darkness loop, are you doing it after Part 2 (the rise)?

TheRealSam responds:

Yep, the rise is finished so I'll get to work just after I post the song on NG :p
Yeah I've got a myspace but there are much songs on it, I mainly post them on NG ^^
Thanks a lot for your review man!!

Wicked !

Comment tu fait pour avoir un son pareil avec ta G2.1u ? Moi je galère grave pour avoir un son potable ! Mais c'est peu être que je n'enregistre pas en USB ... je sais pas comment faire :S ... Si tu pouvais me filer quelques conseils pour l'enregistrement en USB, ca ne serait pas de refus !!
Pour revenir à ta compo, elle dechire ! J'adore les changements de tempo, vraiment super. Epic solo at the end, it rulz ! Belle ligne de basse aussi, est-ce toi qui les enregistre ou ton bassiste ? Ou alors un logiciel ? En tout cas elle sonne vraiment bien. Sino, vive EZDrummer ^^.
Overall, it kick all ass.
Keep the excellent work UP ! \m/\m/

Current Score

4.18 / 5.00 (+ 0.10)

TheRealSam responds:

Thx bro'! :)
En fait ouais j'enregistre en USB, avec un cable comme celui ci http://www.microsupport.be/catalog/im ages/belkin/cable-usb-ab.jpg .
Ensuite je retouche le tout dans un petit logiciel bien sympa qui donne de bons résultats, Magix Music And Video Make Generation 6.
Pour la basse, j'ai utilisé le soft Broomstick Bass, c'est le seul que j'ai trouvé qui permet de faire de petits slides!
Voilà, si tu veux plus de détails, on peut en parler en PM :)
Thanks again man and see ya! ^^


I really like this a lot. Inspiring =). Drums sound better than some of your other songs, as does the guitar. 10/10 and 5/5 son!

TheRealSam responds:

Yeah I realy worked harder on this song cuz as I said I made it for my band so I just wanted to make everything sound very good! :)
Thanks for the review man ^^



TheRealSam responds:

Lol thanks a lot man!
Yeah! \m/