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Reviews for "Nixus: Sphere vs Pyrim"


I love seeing inventive work like what you've just put up for our viewing pleasure.

Both the characters (especially Sphere) reminded me a LOT of the old Vectorman games on Sega Genesis... and their animation was just as fluid as that in Vectorman. Very, very nicely done! Hope you've got more in this vein for us!

Get busy and upload some more of your work!

This is amazingly fresh, smooth and different. I'm very anxious to see more from you. A game using that style would be awesome!

Ha, that was interesting!

That was something, it has an odd appeal, i would never thought of that. Nice animation, pretty original, although no plot but does that matter i think not. Little short but i like it.


That is amazing!! OH OH HO

i liked it

it was good, and this looks worhty enough to win at least the underdog award! good work, and i hope to see more.