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Reviews for "Nixus: Sphere vs Pyrim"



or make a new comic. one or the other.

no... im not an addict... i only watched this 100 times...


Shades of Vectorman

It reminds me of Vectorman, which is not a bad thing. It's nice animation. Solid work B.

hmm, pretty amazing

underrated... 3.48
The movie looked very good... Music was ok.. next time use sound fx...
And don't forget to make it much longer... I think if you'll make it 3x as long... this would be getting close to the top 50.

wow what a fight scene!!!

great fight scene but i wish u would have finnished it...i really want to find out who wins.


This has to be one of the best fight scene flashes ive seen. Great animation and the music is good too! Make another, would you!