Reviews for "In The Navy"

Very old joke

That's not a joke technically speaking, seeing how that conversation did actually happen IRL... although I did hear about that one so long ago (ie. about 1998) that I'd forgotten about it. Worth watching for the gag but the flash itself isn't that great and the music at the end is completely irrelevant.


I was expecting a good flash with that village people song in it.......what the hell was thst shiat.

It sucks ass!!!!

I feel sick when I see it and it wasn't good either.

Was you serious when you made the movie??
I hope not.

So old!!!!

This incident has already been fairly widely reported.

It is terribly unoriginal and extremely poorly animated.

What's worse is that your version of the 'joke' was not even exactly the same as the real conversation; it only preserved the general meaning.

All in all, I recommend authors like these to at least acknowledge that this 'joke' is not his and give credit to the US Navy as well as the Canadian CG. (That's why humour gets a 0 - the 0 is not for the original joke, but for the author of this animation).

Sorry man.

I got the joke and all, and the joke alone was pretty good. It was the rest I had problems with. I can see you need a lil practice.

1) Try not to use that same annoying sound effect. I can imagine what it sounded like before it was supposedly more annoying. : )

2. Graphics. When you make a quickie, its got to be hella good looking, and hella funny. Practice your artwork, and the movie would look a lot cleaner

3) Animation is a staple point. It should be smooth without a doubt. In time, this will come naturally. For now, there is only practice.

Before you re-submit this if you do, I would suggest making little short animations. Not things to submit, but a stick throwing a baseball or some shit like that. It all adds up.

Good luck, but for now im sorry to say. BLAMMED.