Reviews for "In The Navy"

Too old of a joke.

This isn't a joke technically speaking, seeing how that conversation did actually happen.
Though I did hear about that one so long ago that I'd actually forgotten about it.
This flash is worth watching for the gag, but the flash itself isn't that great...
The music at the end is completely irrelevant to anything inparticular whatsoever.

It's not bad though, just not great.


Yeah....yeah. It's a flash alright.

not too shabby.

you rated and reviewed mine so i did the same back. 5.. ;)


lol..... *this is a lighhouse.....*

Overused Joke

Good Job, it certainly took talent to copy a overused joke of some 8-year old TV show. A couple of sound effects: A typing sound effect, and a stupid irrelevant song at the end.

I certainly expected more from this, and this had nothing to do with the Navi except the name of the ship.