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Reviews for "Eye of the Tempest"


Your music, needs more attention. MUCH more attention. your songs are all gorgeous I've gone through and 5'd most of your work. And i will keep coming back until one of them is on the top of the charts. What patches are you using for your orchestral, they are so genuine sounding. !!!! Dear Lord This is good stuff my man. Keep it up please. If you ever stop making music. You better believe that I will cry for 3 days and 22 hours straight.

Bosa responds:

Wow, I'm glad you enjoy my music. It's always good to hear from a good person at heart, and I will continue to make music just for people like you.

I thank you so much for the interest for my music that you've shared, it has not gone unnoticed!

10 votes and only 3.38 ?

fuck ... no way
that should be fixed
you get better and better ... i should check your music more often
and 5 bomb from time to time ;)

Bosa responds:

Zero voters always win...

Until we join the Zero Resistance.

Tempus, a Journey of Climatic Overture

Again you demonstrate the mastery of gentleness incorporating instruments appropriately, and then WHAM!!!..... you build it up! Though it may be a repetitive theme for most of the piece, it retains the high quality I've come to identify you with! ---- JaiKiri

Bosa responds:

What's a Tempus?

Anyways, I'm glad you've noticed a pattern in my music. There's not many who can, and I hope you will continue to listen and support my future tracks.

Thanks for the review,

a little repetitive in some parts

but you kept adding new little bits here and there really making you listen to the melody, you kept a good rythm

Bosa responds:

Perhaps I should have increased the tempo on the second key change, but it's too late now.

Thanks for taking a listen, and good luck in your future.


You manage to keep a pretty dramatic mood throughout, which seems appropriate given the context. Musically, I'd liked to have seen a little bit more development (akin to what you've done to the theme in the ending section) - many of the variations are just transposed sections of the motif in the beginning with slight changes in instrumentation. But it's a solid piece of work, and one I could certainly imagine in a game. Nice job.

Bosa responds:

Thanks for the review and criticism.

What do you propose I should have done in the ending section? I tried to perhaps keep a familiar mood in the song, but I also tried to not be too repetitive, yet I believe I've failed on that subject. So should I have added a new melody or what? Of course, it's too late now, but it's always good to receive feedback from fellow musicians.