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Reviews for "Eye of the Tempest"


It truly amazes me that you can create so many amazing pieces in such short amounts of time. As usual, this piece is amazing. Keep up the great work.


Once again, you stun me with your talent. I love the way you can convey powerful emotions through your music. This was written amazingly, I can tell a lot of time went into this. Once again, well done, very, very well done.

MIthos Cordelan (5/5 10/10)


A ship from the south, alone in the dark winter night, brightens as the captain arrives on deck from his quarters. He looks up and frowns. He knows what is coming as the pressure lowers and spots an ominous cloud to the east. He yells and alerts the watchmen, half asleep in the dark, who in turn wakes the crewmen. A jostle here and there and suddenly he is surrounded by the crew of 40, an able, battle ready crew hunting for pirates. The captain, a man of great willpower and cunning looks at each and everyone of them. The crew, handpicked, brave, and strong were more than friends, crew mates, or acquaintances. They were more akin to his brothers and wonders and thinks if he will ever see them again... will he speak to them... He starts yelling orders and the first mate, an old friend of the captain, urges the men to batter down the ship in preparation of a storm. The captain looks back and a wall of black and wave of sound come as a northern storm comes and engulfs the ship. The crew valiantly goes on, through bitter winds and chilling waves. The captain seeing that the crew is in danger urges the men to get down into the hold, try to ride the storm out. A wave hits the ship and a crew mate falls down to the deck, lucky that he didn't hit the water. The captain helps him up and pushes him into the hold. He sees the last man, a boy no older than 19. He is shivering on the deck with his head between his legs. The captain yells, but he doesn't listen. the man looks up, wondering, and looks at the captain running over. Overhead, a clearing, the eye of the storm, brings a moment of peace to the ship. The masts are tangled, the lines bunched, and a lone man and captain is left. The captain sighs and picks the boy up. He carries/ drags the boy to the hold. The captain looks back to see the storm in full, nature oblivious to the drama on the ship.

A day later, after a heart wrenching day, the storm finally clears and the late winter sun in the north appears. The men cry out in joy as the sun rises. The captain, disheveled, sick, and dizzy walk out into the cold glad that the sun is shinning, and his men are alive. The captain pulls out a ornate medallion, gleaming like the sun, and opens it. There, sitting in perfect condition, is a portrait of his family. He smiles and tucks it away, reminding himself to tell his young sons of his voyage, and laughs with the crew enjoying that nature has given them a chance.

My short story... I only write to the epic, the good, or to the requests I get. The best epic song so far. 10/10 and 5/5.


P.S. To Bosa: This is probably your best work yet!

Bosa responds:

Wow, I never could have imagined such an interesting and compelling story. Good work!

I'm glad at least somebody knows what the Tempest is. Instead of mistaking it for Knights of the Templar.


I've always enjoyed your scores. Very plesant, gradual, and has a victorious feel that your music pieces always share. Great job! I only hope you can find more time in the future to make more music so you fans can hear.

Bosa responds:

Oh, there's always going to be music produced by me, at least I hope. The more I make, the more experienced I become, so keep in touch and don't fall back from Newgrounds.

Im biased because ..

I love epic sounding music, where you can hear and see the fate of the world being held in the balance of something small and fragile, surrounded by evil, but spurned by hope.

i hear determiniation against overwhelming odds ... soilders marching into battle, while a dark storm cloud, swathing the sky in darkness, rains its misery upon men. Their feet are caked in mud, their wagons barely move. A wheel breaks on one, and the strongest take turns bearing the load of the 4th wheel, so vital is the supplies they carry, so precious is their time, and so resolute these soilders .... They march for their land, wives and children, and even the youngest among them has their lips pursed and face steeled against what they know to be their certain doom ....

Sorry im a writer by trade myself, so like the opportunity to share little shorts when the mood strikes me. Well done. Ditto with the below, a tad more variation, perhaps in the drumming, would have done wonders to this song.

Bosa responds:

A bit more drumming? Hm.. that's not what I was looking for, but if you think it would be better off with more drumming, then perhaps it is. Sorry to disappoint somewhat in this track, but I'm glad you shared your story with me and others who enjoy a fine writer.