Reviews for ".:As Time Passes By:."

Do more with the faster bit?

The melody you dive into at 0:30 - I'm sure there's a TV show tune that sounds really like the section from that part. Like the 0:12 - 0:40 part. It just really reminds me of another unknown tune, making me wonder if you got inspiration from that.

In any case, I do love that part and though I guess you didn't really play this, it sounds cool and I like the drum sounds as you roll just before the tempo change.

I kinda wish you'd kept the faster bit for longer and made more of that section.

I'm not too keen the ending or middle slow parts though - it works, but I kinda feels lik it overwhelms my favourite part - when you dive into the fast rhythm. I'd just like to hear more of that section and be able to enjoy that part for longer.

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I liked the piano, but the drums were a little too harsh, same for the tempo changes. Felt rocky. good job.


GronmonSE responds:

The tempo changes were gradual to avoid making them too harsh, but, matter of opinion.

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An interesting song, with ever changing tempos, wouldn't usually worked but it did. Nice piano bit too. And the bass drum really worked, kind of more a rocky peice moe than classical though, great job

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GronmonSE responds:

Some of my tracks are blends of piano + fastpaced drums, although I'm far from being decent at drum beats >> Experimenting is always fun :D

Thanks for the review.

Speeded up alot, made me write my review faster!

- Good stuff -
It changed speed alot of time and I'm not really sure if it's a good or a bad thing, but I put it the good things because it seemed to be nicer than nastier. I thought that changing speed this rapidly in songs was a bad thing but you managed ot get it tto work somehow.

- Bad stuff and improvments -
Could of had more of a slower bassline because it would of been much more onjoyable and confusing for the listener.

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GronmonSE responds:

You mean more enjoyable and "less confusing", no? :P

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Quite a range of speeds.

This piece certainly exemplifies the wide range of tempos available on your music composing programme. I'm impressed.

I think that you would have been better occupied keeping the range of tempos shorter and concentrating more on the range of notes that you've used instead. That would have made for a much more consistent track, which doesn't get lost with the almost constantly changing speed.

With regards to the drum beat, I would not have increased the beat of the bass drum - try working with that, to keep the origin of the track as a marker for the beat and see how that one plays out.

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GronmonSE responds:

You can do wonders with FL if you know how to do it. It's a very dynamic program :D

There are only two speed changes throughout the song >_>; Granted, the song's very short, so maybe it's too much.

Drums were never my forte :P

Thanks for the review!