Reviews for ".:As Time Passes By:."


The intro was pretty nice and well played, though it really seemed to change at 0:30 which was pretty intresting to hear, though I would have expected that change to be a bit sooner in such a short track. The main part of the track seemed to be a little strange too with the sudden slowing down of parts, that made it that little bit odd, although it gave it a bit of change.

I wasn't too keen on the way it ended, the very end seemed to have some quiet playing of a song. It doesn't loop that well either, not sure if you wanted it too, so never mind with that. Overall it's pretty nice, there are some parts I wasn't keen on, but as a whole pretty good.



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GronmonSE responds:

Never intended to make it loopable. Hah, I keep getting mixed reviews regarding the slowdowns. Some love it, some find it awkward, guess it's really a matter of taste.

Thanks for the review!

Pitch shifts are good

Well done on that part. The piano part is quite well composed. I find that the drums are too far forward for my taste, so that's my only real issue with this piece. It has a lovely calming abience about it, and the aggression in the drums just make things awkward for me... If you lower them a bit, I think that this song would be simply pleasant. You compose quite well. Keep it up!

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GronmonSE responds:

Perhaps I went a little overboard with the drums, who knows. The song felt empty without them though.

Thanks for the review!


A nice piece of classical music! Varied and fastpaced, just the way we like it. Starts good and flows on nicely all the way through, keep up the good work!


GronmonSE responds:

Thanks for the review.


The fast paced piano of the song is great along with the heavy beat in the backround. The slow down is cool as it quickly speeds up the piano again.
With some awesome drum beats in the backround.
The slowdown and end of the song feels like a relief after the speed of the previous pieces.
Nice Song

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GronmonSE responds:

That was the intention, thanks for the review :D


The fast paced piano sounds very awesome. Especially in the intro when the piano is the only instrument that plays.

The drums fit very good in there and they add a lot to the song.

I'm undecided about the slow part in the middle of the song. I think there's something missing here. Maybe add another instrument there that plays some deep notes.

The slow part towards the end of the song fits well, because it indicates that the song is over in a short moment.

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GronmonSE responds:

The strings seemed to do the job for the slower parts. I feel like there's something missing when the strings end at 1:04, but that's about it.

Thanks for the review!