Reviews for "Golden Sun - Main Theme"

hach, orchestraded

pretty cool. It remembers me on the orchestraded backgroundmusic from dragon quest 7, which I played.

You did it well ;)


I'll admit it. I cracked up listening to this. Its just THAT good. There was an orchestrated version I heard once, but this seems just more epic and blows it to pieces with a howitzer.

Can I have permission to upload this somewhere else (I'm doing a rundown of music that shoudl have been in Brawl btw)? Full credit to you, of course.

Amazing, to say the least.

If they ever make another Golden Sun, then this would be absolutely perfect for use in it.

A Slice of Fried Gold

This is an amazing portrayal of the Golden Sun them. This is something that Video Games live should be crying over


this is awesome :) sounds very original