Reviews for "Mega Man RPG"

elt man fire man and guts man are inpossiplie

good game but it has some issues, so I rate it 3 stars

BOOOOOOORING!!!! And the music goes in a annoying loop. Nice try but no.

I loved the concept of the game, and a turn-based RPG is something that suits the classic series very well. Unfortunately, the execution here was fairly sloppy with lots of bugs and hasn't aged very well over the last several years. Also, because the sprites were pulled from several different sources the graphics ended up looking disconnected and bad quality. Still, this game is fun to come back to for inspiration every now and then so I'm giving it a 3 / 5 stars.

For those who also liked the idea for this game but were not totally sold on the execution, I encourage you to look up a project called the "Mega Man RPG Prototype". It is the spiritual successor and tribute to this very Flash game and expands on the idea in lots of fun new ways. :)

Easy once you get electric mans power.