Reviews for "Mega Man RPG"

Mega Man was one of the franchises that were on my childhood. Flash games were a formation of my childhood itself and i used to enjoy something like this when i was a child. It was fun, but not real fun, childish fun.

This game has basic flaws and man, i tried to play this again many years later and i already am going to shut up because this is not much of a RPG, but a simplistic button game. There is no defend command and there's very low chance you do lose on this game, unless you try to go for a weak play in which instead you want to die.

The music, however, is pretty loud and loops badly, which really hurts my ears and this leaves me to a badly concentrated sense. Keep in mind i cannot do absolutely nothing to justify this game's problems as it's one of the many, many, ancient flash games that are considered a memory to every oldschool-era flash game fanatic, so you have to waste your time playing through this game with patience.

There's few good Mega Man RPG games out from Newgrounds, but i haven't played them so this one and the sequel are more than totally basic button clicking battles.

I am used to having Mega Man be a platformer game. I don't think it works well as an RPG. It just doesn't look that good. Even the letters are done in kind of a cheap manner. I actually did really like the sprite effects in this game . They really do hold up!

The music wasn't bad. I just don't want something so basic. It's just the same things over and over. I do like it when you get powerups. They didn't help me much, though.

nice game, played it first when i was 5 years old. 10 years later and i still love it. BR Nation

This game was fun back then but now its not as good in comparison to other online mega man rpgs i played.

good but what is the best order?