Reviews for "[StarFox Titania Remix] -Zero-"

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Seriously, I had to join NG just to write a review on this. It's that damn good. This is one of the most amazing remixes I have ever heard anyone do.

Mad respect man. I really really like that "twinkling" star effect that comes in, swoops and then diminishes.

Very very cool.


I sat and listen to the whole thing and i'm listening to it again, i love it, while i was listening to it first, i was remembering the game, i should play it soon, i used to play it all the time, I love it Prefect Score Kind Sir

I´m not much for reviews but...

I remember the old song from the SNES as if i played it yesterday, the original song is slow and lazy, this revamped version is freaking awesome. Really good job mister! One of the few times I actually moved my finger away from the mouse to listen.

oh sweet!

Thats awesome dude.
"good luck"

Pretty cool!!!

AS I said pretty cool my friend

IT has good sound, the remiz is great and the time is good

Do you have some other??? Well I love star fox 64 and specially whe you fight with the star wolf world, and It would be grat to have a remix form that mission...
XDXDXD Well that's all

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

I have 2 other Starfox tracks from the original SNES game.

[Starfox Corneria]

[Starfox Space Armada]

and i have a track from the unreleased starfox2 game.

ill slowly work my way up to the N64 version and see what happens.

Thanx for the review.