Reviews for "[StarFox Titania Remix] -Zero-"

SNES Pwnage

Seriously, I had to join NG just to write a review on this. It's that damn good. This is one of the most amazing remixes I have ever heard anyone do.

Mad respect man. I really really like that "twinkling" star effect that comes in, swoops and then diminishes.

Very very cool.

I´m not much for reviews but...

I remember the old song from the SNES as if i played it yesterday, the original song is slow and lazy, this revamped version is freaking awesome. Really good job mister! One of the few times I actually moved my finger away from the mouse to listen.

Very nice

Love the way the beat goes, it also sounds alike a very Energetic song.

Great Job :D



iTunes/Favortied Song/Artist.

Is the part of the landmaster!!!

First Shoot!!! Later plasma bombs!!! And finally the boss...that plant whit a dog form...

Some mind flow stuff right there!

Awsome! I find myself listening to this song quite a bit. Loving this song to death!