Reviews for "Madness Avenger"

The ending was sad.

Amazing! Best Episodes Ever!!

One of the best Madness Episodes ever made.

A few things I especially like about this:

- Kill counter introduced
- Hank finally getting a distinguishing feature - head wound from Madness Redeemer wrapped.
- Clown appearing as an especially tough enemy and getting raised as zombie in the end.
- Huge amount of different and various weapons of all groups - guns, blades and blunts and improvised weapons like road sign, that becomes one of series icons.
- Enemies having random skill levels. Some get defeated by a single blunt object throw while others hide behind tables and even block a few bullets with a sword.
- Improbability drive introduced - giving due to this series being true Madness. Falling whales and marshmallows (cool reference to first madness movie), gravity going bonkers, sun becoming a guy and going after the protagonist, insane amount of blood from a random guy and others.
- Great ending: Just when it seems it is going to end just like the previous episode, Hank defeats his destiny from looping and kills both Sheriff and Jebus as well as dying himself. This would be cool as an ending of the series but luckily for fans the series was continued (and spin-offed by fans). Madness is too great to end so soon!

Awesome when's 4 coming?

krinkles I love this series mind if make another one????