Reviews for "++ Two Smoking Roses ++"


i hate you and your awesome music!

...and EDF!

kelwynshade responds:

1 weapon still to go, huh? Haha.

Woot for Mexican Themes!


Gotta love when you get an idea and decide to work on it before it goes away, eh? The rhythm an the beat work together, giving it that -slight- spanish feeling to it. The string choice are alright IMO (...or is it a trumpet? Can't really tell), but the composition itself is great.

Nice job, save for the repetitiveness.

kelwynshade responds:

Thanks, yeah, it's very repetitive. Yes, they are trumpets, but it does sound kind of like strange strings as well.

This is one of those songs where I didn't truly intend to pour any time into. I need to do things like this more often since I usually tend to forget ideas often.

i like it..

its one of those songs were its relaxin and u could sit on a beach n listen 2 or smthn
keep em comin n gd work


kelwynshade responds:

I appreciate it. There's many many better sound packs and soundfonts I could have used, but I wanted to quickly throw it together before I forgot what I was thinking.

Regardless, glad you liked it!