Reviews for "++ Two Smoking Roses ++"

this kinda reminds me of wild arms 2

lol great

kelwynshade responds:

Hooray for Wild Arms

Wow! Perfect for a videogame!

as a matter of fact I hope you don't mind me using this in my new rpg, I'l put you into credits! this is great
nice feel of the music.

kelwynshade responds:

sure thing. go for it.

nicely done!

yup. its a desert town or a beach town alright, you should make more of this and please go for a longer piece, we all WANT MORE! 10/10, 5/5, and download!

kelwynshade responds:

Haha, keep checking my page. New releases are always being released.


how can you not like a song with an ass kick bake and shake name like that

kelwynshade responds:


¬°Es Fantastico!

quite a marvelous job and spanish-themed sound which is a refreshment to hear on NG. It does fit the RPG Sandy Town theme very nicely! The chord progression is very nice, has a nice latin touch, and sounds good with the plucked sounds you use for it. The bassline sounds brilliant too, and I like how the two rhythms play in accordance smoothly with each other. Claps are a good fit, and I like the simple but upfront beat in the later portion of the track. The brass sounds are real nice (and was what I was hoping for when I heard the intro :] ) and calm over the top, and together they just blend together with quite an exceptional sound.

it is a bit short and repetive though- but its damn nice for what it is and the 45 minutes that you worked on this for. Again, such a great creation that is quite well polished, but has the potential again to be an amazing track. some repetivness in the chord progression, like you could try changing the voices in the progression a bit more- and incoporate an authentic spanish sound by using a chord progression based from the phyrgian and the harmonic minor scale (if you know music theory). There's also room for a melody or two more in here, on a lead instrument that plays a relatively fast riff (a perfect fit would be a nylon guitar or solo trumpet player in maybe an interlude). and again, percussion is great in here and overal l sounds well-rounded, but if you were to work on more- look into including some latin based percussion such as castanets, maracas, guiros, etc. should be a great fit! and some latin based rhthyms with some triplets would be cool too-i think ive gone overboard with suggestions..

but really man, great job with developing another sweet composition. you always develop some very memorable themes. did you have three songs in the top 30 this week as well? congrats!

kelwynshade responds:

Thanks again for the wonderful review.

I suppose in the future I may turn this into something much fuller and completely remastered.

Your suggestions make perfect sense. I just became a bit lazy and grabbed a few sounds to finish it quickly, haha. Thanks again for checking out the goods.