Reviews for "y my 6th movie"

Not Bad...

It would be great if you could add some creepier music and backgrounds... A lot of making a scary movie/game is atmosphere. Also, the item usage is a little difficult. Keep working on it though!

not too bad, not too good...

It had some nice parts (plot, interactivity, sounds) and some less-good parts (drawnings, controls, animation). The looping song was annoying too... it broke the atmosphere completly... Anyway, while it may be a little rough around the edges, it still kicks the crap out of most movies on the portal.

Good concept, needs work

First of all let me say that I LOVE horror movies, so I'm glad to see some of this genre coming to NG and I'm especially surprised it's coming from a girl.
Well, regards for the game itself, it needs work. First off the challenge fades away when your actually telling the people what items they are missing. It just makes it boring. You should've just kept the whole key thing a secret and let people find it for themselves.
Second, the damn gun takes to long to shoot. It kinda gets confusing because sometimes I click on the gun yet nothing happens. But when the gun DOES pop up, the zombie is about 3/4 from killing me and when I'm about to shoot I'm already dead.
And lastly third, I thought the game didn't have that much of a plot, it would've been nice to see a zombie movie with a good story.
I really liked the concept though and I highly hope you make a sequel and fix all these problems. If you do I'll bet you'll have a winner.:)

Violet-AIM responds:

First: Keeping the key thing a secret might stump a lot of people....like I said before, 3 reviewers had asked me "Where's the key?", so it shows me that even with my hints/directions, this game isn't so easy for everyone.
Second: The gun part, you have to click on the gun each time it moves, my choice of a challenge, just like how each time, the zombie is 3/4 to killing you, the short time thing is an intentionally made challenge too, and just hitting spacebar is the option for no challenge.
Third: Maybe my focus for this game was more action and less LONG boring dialogues, since it's my preference not to have a stupid made-up story, uh, u want a story, basically, I fell asleep, started dreaming, woke up in a house, the town is being taken over by zombies, must escape, must get to my car, where it is safe, and drive to another city, maybe one without zombies....that's how my nightmare went, sorry if my dreams are too boring for you, but it scared the hell outta me when i was dreaming it.
Fourth: A sequel, if I decide to make one, will definitely have improvements, I'll pay attention to the reviews and the suggestions.

well hmm alright

this wasn't too bad... the character graphics weren't horrible but I certainly would have liked more detail in the terrain. Ah yeah and I thought it was kinda dumb how you had to pick everything up to move on... railroading is what we call that! overall good.

I had a couple problems

First I wish I could have gotten the knife sooner. My biggest complaint is the weapon wielding. once I release the zomibe I should be able to wield the weapon and load it. It made it a little harder that I had to wait for the zombies to get on top of me to do that. Once I adapted to that I was able to make it through to the end.

Violet-AIM responds:

Basically it was about clicking the mouse fast or clicking the spacebar fast. Of course this game has it's problems, but I'm not gonna bother to make improvements to this, but let it rest in peace. Definitely, the reason why I put this game aside, on the way bottom.