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Reviews for "Mario World - Ending"

Good old times.

I remember this Audio's part in the Biggest Video Game collab, and the good Reception it got. I like how You have altered it, to make it to your Whim, yet still made it Recognisable as one of the Biggest Video Game songs ever. My Favourite part of this Song is when In the middle, it suddenly changes speed and pitch. On a different note (pun intended), I liked how soft and Carefree this Is.

Overall : Nice Remix, Brings back old memories.

CrazyCookie responds:

-Shivers at the pun-

Ah, the BVG. That's done now and posted up in the Flash, if you didn't know.


reminds me of old days :)

CrazyCookie responds:

Yep. Thanks for the review.

Brings back memories...

Amazing cover I can still remember some of the enemies shown during this song hahaha.
Nice work CrazyCookie !

CrazyCookie responds:

Ya, so can I. I remember the first tiem I saw it and seen those torpedo guys, I can't remember their names. Not the Bullet Bills, but the bigger one's underwater. Ahhh, fuck it, Imma whippin out that game and playing it. xD


Never heard this before.

Yet someone I feel connected to it. As it does feel very mario like. My only complaint and reason I didn't give you a 10(note I gave you a 10 because i hate deducting points for quality unless i absolutely have to) is because, well I haven't heard it before thus it kind of leans me towards a higher quality piano. The ragtime style piano is fine and all I just really would have like a serious piano reverbed that sounded wonderful playing this and that would have done even more for me... nice arrangement though. (-.-)'

CrazyCookie responds:

You know, I realized I had forgot to put a decent reverb on it when the listens hit about 3000, thus me not being able to edit it. Then I read this review and simply went "I know, I know.... HOW FOOLISH I AM!"


GG (Error - Your review was too short. Please go back and add more.)

CrazyCookie responds: