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Reviews for "Mario World - Ending"


really nice man
..........i hav a nes
..........it makes me feel old

CrazyCookie responds:

I also have a NES. Unfortunately I lost a bunch of the games for it, but still got a couple.

An incredible piano tune!

I've always loved how this song sounded when I played the SNES game. It sounds absolutely outstanding on the piano! When I first heard this, it reminded me of a song I'd expect to hear in a bar or something. Excellent work!

CrazyCookie responds:

Mario World Ending - Soon to be in a bar near you!


you have insured the life of the good old days forever

CrazyCookie responds:

I thought you said "insulted" at fist and was like "Ouch, that's harsh." but it's good to see you meant the exact opposite. Thanks for the review!

Brings back memories...

Amazing cover I can still remember some of the enemies shown during this song hahaha.
Nice work CrazyCookie !

CrazyCookie responds:

Ya, so can I. I remember the first tiem I saw it and seen those torpedo guys, I can't remember their names. Not the Bullet Bills, but the bigger one's underwater. Ahhh, fuck it, Imma whippin out that game and playing it. xD



good, old days...

CrazyCookie responds: