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Reviews for "Martin luther king tribute"


I'm at a loss of words. I got nothing more to say other than Nice job Yo. Keep up the good work man.

P.S. We must hold our dreams and memories close and cherish them. They're all that we have left when our pride and dignity are taken away from us.

Like it

Lol Thx homie cuz somebody had 2 do it wut he wuz tryin 2 do u feel me id say everythan flowz real good u gettin 5 frm me



Love it, nice and ambient, with great vocals and great voice samples. A tribute to an oldskool hero, great stuff, keep it going!


i still have a dream too

now man, I'm clapping! applauding for MLK, and also applauding for this remix...

a long time ago, I made a tribute song to MLK too... It was feelgood and cheerful, and I was thinking about uploading it there... but now, I have two reasons to not to upload it... beacause the race-hatred is still there, so I can't feel good... and the secong reason is, that your MLK song is TOP, so uploading another has no sense...

I'm really enjoying the track... I'm little bit sad, but I'm really enjoying the beauty in this track... very nice work man... very nice...

voting 5 for colour-blindness

TheGameReapa responds:

thank man, i would like ta hear your old remix tho.
e-mail me

thanks for the comment


great shit man good job also i guess this site is full of racist people if they downvoted this