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Reviews for "Martin luther king tribute"

Good Quotes

He was a communist, but we are forgeting what we originally feared, tyranny, too bad the many bastard senators are making this country into their little toy (Tyrants). Canadians are feeling the sting with it's substance laws that are a sin to god. There are few who conspire against this plot, i just hope the palestinians are alright, most of israel attacks them, genocidal bastards. If only if we had great god MLK with us, he clean this shithole clean


this was really good.
Nice tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
R.I.P. King

He must be honored!

MLKJ was the greatest man alive!! (Besides Ghandi.)


MLK was the original. The beat pulls it all together into a stirring piece.

nice tribute

one suggestion though could u make his voice louder than the music cuz its hard to hear with the music dat loud