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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"


wow anyone ever tell you that you are the coolest person to walk the earth? well if not your the coolest person to ever walk the earth by the way in your explanation of the movie it says you cant make more movies because of school well after school your making more movies because your the ultimate life form and i dont compare to you thats how cool you are so i really want you to make more

nice job

liked the dbz rip off ending the best nice flash movie i got to see all of you movies now^-^.

fight is the awsare to everything

Opps mode is so true compared to live I mean this was Dragonball Z mode was the best the beggening fight was so long and boring

I know!

A couple months later, Sonic returned to earth in a capsule and soon met a hedgehog who traveled from the future-aw screw it sonic wins!
anyone know who the hedgehog was? anyone? SILVER!
well i rlly like this!

hey the person who made this awesome b=viseo it was so epic man and i would pick sonic to win because he is way stronger than plain old knuckles he deserves it rank 5!