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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

it ws good

let me say this. I can't say its good. but you know... I mean the sounds were annoing and the music gave me a headache but besides it was good so 7/10 and i think it shouldnt have the sounds and that the music shouldn' be so loud


I understand that you're a great animator. Nazo Unleashed was awesome. But this didn't even seem to have a set floor. They seemed to be at different heights. And this hasn't been very 3d so I'm not assuming that they're simply further away from the camera. On the plus side, the battle was still pretty good. Not great, but good.

Oh god...

How can you actually do this and upload it? Aren't you even ashamed? I don't want to bring your spirit down, but... This doesn't show camera movement, doesnt show correct allignment of sprites, doesn't show any signs of you actually knowing how to animate, not even you knowing how to choose good backgrounds instead of a landscape picture, please, keep these animations to yourself until you are decent


That was horible

This flash is why you should watch...

...an artists work in chronal order. It's better than some of the other early works I've seen but against your Nazo Unleashed Trilogy it just won't stack up.

Oh, and was torrenting even existent when this was made?