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Reviews for "SM64 - The Alternate Route"

So Cool...

Now I listen to this whenever I play Mario64!


I don't how you do that, but you've always done audios who get Diamond Tracks. You're one of the bests (or perhaps THE best) audio artist I've ever heard on Newgrounds!

I'm... just... without words. That remix is simply A-WE-SO-ME! And it's a Mario remix audio!
That remembers me the old times, when I was playing Super Mario 64 on my Nintendo. Thanks for giving me these thoughts I've forgot a long time ago.

P.S. I see it's been a long time since you've last submitted an audio. Did you stop? Or perhaps you're holding for a while and making a huge comeback when the time will come. Who knows?


Love it, I've heard all of your songs, and this one is by far the best


i most get it to other sites...

Can i it for u?

Sweet stuff!

Heard this on Super Mario 63, and I must say it's very powerful. If Nintendo uses this, they better give you credit and massive royalties!