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Reviews for "Curse Rag"


How does this belong in the country genera ?

Back to the... err, past

1930 or 40?

Catchy little Tune

First heard this from a Flash, it seems to go well with just about anything. Had to look it up.

Epitome of the Ragtime genre brilliance, so simple, yet elegant and catchy. Really wish I knew how to play this song. Every time I listen, the entire piece seems to conjures up a picture of an easygoing wanderer, strolling in the streets without a care in the world.


First time I heard this was on "Clear Vision: Elite", and then on "Achievement Unlocked" it said where it came from and I have found you! This is the GREATEST ragtime piano piece I've EVER heard! It really cheers me up in bad times.

I love it!

This is a wonderfully fun, catchy tune. Wholeheartedly full marks!