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Reviews for "Curse Rag"

i cant fucking stop!

What did you put in this song man! I NEED MORE! when im not listening to it, i feel like i need to listen to it! i sleep and wake up to listen to this song, Fricking addictive and great, i listend to it while playing fall out 3 for about 6 hours, damn!


Dat's some nice leisury ragtime there. Much more enjoyable than the new crap XP

Keep it up.

Country What?

Some of the best new ragtime around! keep it up, you have a great ear and head for composing this stuff!

on a whim i came to country

And found this nice lil gem right here. great song, The piano is perfect and definitly makes me wanna have a shot of bourbon and play some cards.
Great ragtime song. i have no idea why the score for this is so low.
Well anyway. great work 5's and 10's all around.
and im gonna fav you cause its hard to find good rag time.


Great song! Was this done on the keyboard or something? I tried playing it on the piano by ear and I felt like I needed three hands in order to play this song.