Reviews for "Dragon Ball Infinite::Pre"


Wait wait wait... thats it? hey! hentai!


This is really good man, keep up the good work, and don't stop even if u feel like ur hands are going to fall off from drawing this is a great moive and I would like to see it progress with a story line and new people, good luck


this wasent bad, the only thing i would say is to make it longer and to let the words stay up on the screen longer


It was allright, I enjoy the idea, but you couldnt go far with only two fighting characters, more would need to be introduced, and voice actors would be nice, but arent needed. You need to give more time for people to read, and put more into it, it went by too quickly...and Im a little...uhm...I dont know how to say it, but you copied how trunks went super saiyan "The kneeling on the floor smashing it, clenching fists till they bleed" thing. The animation was a bit choppy, but it wasnt too bad. over all, I liked it, but it needs work

This was actually pretty good.

Im not fan of DBZ but its not like i hate it so i thought id wtch this movie. I was actually impressed by it in a way. sure theres no talking, no sound, its a bit confusing, and its looks weird in certain spots. but i am certain that Katoblade will fix all the tiny problems this has.id like to congratulate katoblade for making this movie so well. it is probably better than the DBZ on TV (i dont know cause i dont watch it) but I think i may be interested in watching the sequel to this. -Wildmasterwolf