Reviews for "Dragon Ball Infinite::Pre"

Looking forword to it!

Looks good, the graphix do need a little spiffing up....but I cant wait to start the series!

Very Cool

I think that this is an extrodinary movie, not only is it nice and violent, but the music that you chose is absolutely superb to develop its mood. There are only a few minor problems that i had.
1: when anything hits the ground a huge square appears in the center of the screen, a cool effect, but it gets VERY old
2:When the good guy talks at the end the blood doesnt move with his face
3:The white haired saiyans hands look real bad for the animation, work on that
Mostly i loved it, DBZ mad me angry when i watched it because there was so much crap and not enpugh fighting, this was great and straight to the point. I suggest not adding real character voices because you are great at putting the music with character actions. (that was my favorite thing about this movie)

Not bad, but could've been way better

If you could just work on those graphics it would really be a great flash.

not bad

this was ok but the graphics need work


it was great, but it needed to be longer, and you need them to talk, not just type in what they say