Reviews for "Big Bad Bot"

Very cool character. You are quite skilled!

hey thats something for real steel two oh wait

Bad-ass..... great design, great EVERYTHING/

What to do when there's not enough metal?

Add more metal. Loving this, I'm a real helmet nut and that head is killer, it curb stomps my imagination.

Nice work

Wow this is really nice, i love the glow on the eyes here, it really accents the rest and brings off some more quality to the whole piece, now i would suggest more glow on the eyes, maybe even throw in some sparkle from it, just thought i would throw that out there, but for the most part it was pretty good, actually now that i think about it give the metal part of stuff, some "SHINE" and again some sparkles here and there just something to bring out the shinyness of this whole piece, but anyways this was pretty decent, keep up the good work.

My advice would be to add some more shiny and some more glow on the eyes, but regardless it was pretty decent.