Reviews for "Big Bad Bot"

This reminds me of the heavy's from Killzone except this one is big as fuck! Anyways... I like the details you did a really great job on this! This easily deserves 5 stars must have took a long time. Just a suggestion you should put this in a flash game just a suggestion.

Wonderful picture!

This looks like it could be the design of a Transformer, but I'm not really sure which one it would be. It kind of resembles Megatron from the Michael Bay movies. I'm not a fan, but I have seen those movies. This character has a very nice demonic appearance to it. The way it looks like it has teeth that are just grinding up at the viewer himself. The red eyes also play a great role in looking intimidating, because of how utterly wild they come across.

I like how there's so many little gadgets and stuff all around his body. The shading is also done wonderfully as well, particularly with how you get a great sense of this looming figure. I love how there's just so many robotic parts that seem to be just strutting out everywhere. It's hard to tell what kind of background he is in. I'm guessing it's just a generic shiny place.

Sweet as!

You should really make a flash with this bad-ass dude in it! Keep it up!

Optimus Prime better watch his ass

there's a new motherfucker in town.

fuckin' great

badass motherfucker