Reviews for "[Shooting Star] -Zero-"


but missing something that I can't put a finger on...

6 out of 10, 4 out of 5.

Although I usually like happy songs, I didn't find myself enjoying this one too much. For one thing, it is horrendously loud and was somewhat of a "ear rape" for me on my headphones. Even though the melody side was really well done and the bass line better than most of what is on NG, I didn't find any real adventure behind this piece, and if I were to find an adventure behind this intended happy piece it was really short and abruptly ended.


i really like this song, it an't bad at all, it's great!


this is so happy bappy! i like it. not many songs are this happy.

Love it!

I absolutely love this kind of bubbly happy trance. You did an awesome job 8D