Reviews for "[Shooting Star] -Zero-"


This is a nice song, got any more? :3

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

Thanx glad u liked it and at the moment no but i will soon have more.

Thanx for the review!


I hardly EVER reveiw...

But, I gotta tell ya, I instantly loved this. XD

Muahaha! *Downloaded!*

Stars certainly are shooting

Or maybe that's the electricity in the air. Great job broha.



but... the beggining is sooo annoying, hurts my ear so much... high pitched, next time dont do that plz =|

well, other than that, i like verything else, it was nice to hear from a diffrent artist.

I hope to hear more from you Zero!

Cheers, Dan

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

hey thanx for the review Dan! i know the beginning sux so i went and changed it. i hope it sounds a little bit better than that 8 bit sound i had on there.

im glad you liked it and ill be sure to check some of ur stuff out as well.


Songs made by mistake!

are usually the ones that turn out pretty damn good.. This is a pretty damn good track. I'd say just change the opening up a lil.

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

a lot of my music is made by mistake really. i get on intending to make a song i have in my head and the next thing i know it transforms into something different.

the opening kinda sounds like something ud hear from an old pokemon gameboy game lol but that opening is what really made the entire song. i just built off that one part. trust me that opening is better than the one i had in there b4 lol.

thanx for the review! im glad u enjoyed it.