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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"

Can you make a bad song?

I challenge you making a bad song. I really think you're not capable of such a thing.


F-777 responds:

Lol. Sometimes i have a really bad day and i make something terrible. But then i just delete it and start on something else =P.

Thanks for your review =D.

There really is a lot of emotion in this track...

...and I can imagine the olympics, for some reason. You know, when you make people think of things out of nowhere just because they listen to a certain tune that you made, you have created something excellent.

Here's what I kept on picturing... a track guy looking at the horizon, hoping he would win. He then runs the miles... keeps on running, and running, and running. He doesn't think of the fatigue or the pain... he keeps on going.

Hope to hear songs like this from you soon. ^_^ Again, excellent job! 5, 10, fav!

Very Nice

Well Executed... nice Work!

:D :D :D

When it was playing in "The Best of the Week" list, it immediately caught my attention.


That ending.... just.....wow