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Reviews for "Manhunter"

Wow good stuff!

I read the comment before me and it was interesting because due to the song having no lyrics or vocals i started doing that in the shower singing some people do
such as myself
But i saved it and im actually gonna write out some lyrics and sing them over the tune and send it back to you!
i got nothing else to do!
Im a metal vocalist as well
so what the hell!

TheRealSam responds:

That would be awesome man!
I await your stuff! :)


The music itself is very good. Drums and guitars go well together and that whole thing sounds pretty good (and very catchy, too). The song would have been much better with some vocals, though.
So, hopefully some talented singer will add some vocals to this some day ^^.

TheRealSam responds:

I hope too man! :)
Thanks for the review!

Really great

This is an awesome instrumental man. I could really envisage this working really well with some kind of Randy Blythe style vocals. As I was listening, patterns were even coming in to my head for vocals. If I had a decent microphone and worked on some lyrics I would probably like to try something with this song. But that isn't the case so never mind. You should really consider finding yourself a vocalist however. Great work.

TheRealSam responds:

Thanks a lot!
If one day you earn some good mic, go ahead and make some vocals! :)


This was a really good listen. Good stuff indeed.

Perhaps, however, a little repetetive; but all good!

Good luck in future songs!

TheRealSam responds:

Thanlks :)
Yeah it's kinda repetitive but that's because it was supposed to have some vocals.

Alright I love heavy metal!

Good job heavy metal rocks!

TheRealSam responds:

Thanks a lot!
Yeah Heavy Metal 4ever \m/