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Reviews for "grotte sous-marine"

Wow...I've been out of the loop. Good to see you going strong though Troisnynx and grats on the front page. Beautiful lyrics and great soundscape. That ambient kick is an excellent touch too. It's a real buffet for the ears, a la French Cousine. Hoh hoh hoh c'est tres bien.

Relax music!

I love it, amazing vocals, sparse yet epic cinematic instrumental. Kinda gives me old school synthpop vibes in a lot of ways.

Sorry this took so long. I've been busy 😅. Not going to lie I really liked it but it felt like a entire build up so I didn't go into the song expecting the right thing. Listening to it again with the realization that there's no huge drop and it's just something to vibe to makes it much better to listen to because I know what to expect next time. I think this is a cool idea would have been to panning the clicking sound around 3:01 minutes back forth slowly. I feel like it already is panned but I can't quite tell. Maybe you could try that idea with a sub bass. Again I'm no expert on panning because I just learned it not to long ago but from my experience with it those are some ideas I have. When a slowly I mean like a slow travel of sound from one ear to the next smoothly. I know some songs do this and it it gives a good feeling imo. Again not a panning expert.

This is really good. I think you got the voice coming in very clearly without it taking away from anything behind it and although I can't understand anything it's still nice. Good job! Also you could also share with some advice you have for me on panning.

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you for your review!

In terms of the panning in general, it'd need stereo separation as well (to the same % value as the panning) for it to give the appearance of depth. I generally tend to pan my basses centre, then the other instruments either exactly to the specification of an orchestra, or (in the case of synths) close to that, with a mid range instrument on either side which serves the same purpose as the other, for example. Drums are mostly centre, with overheads mics to catch toms and cymbals at 20% on either side.

For the click, I needed to use panning and stereo sep *automation envelopes* — meaning that I had to do curves on the playlist and make sure that their values aligned with each other. A safe bet is Centre — 50%L — Centre — 50%R, and so on and so forth. Against a bunch of instruments occupying different frequency ranges over a wide stereo field it can be hard to tell, but if you noticed it moving from one ear to another, that's a job well done. 👍🏽

Man I remember playing the Epic Battle Fantasy series and enjoying the music a lot when I was a young lad. Those were the times… Loved the simplicity and catchiness of Phyrnna's music that made it easy to get into, and hearing this really just takes me back to those times. I can certainly say you did justice to this.

The vocal work on this is absolutely amazing. How everything is layered, the singing, and the use of autotune is a nice touch (2;40 omg :x), although I would’ve prefered a bit more autotune on the vocals and maybe bringing the formant up a bit. Mixing could probably be better, as stated before the reverb is a bit too much and a de-esser could be used to lower the s’s and t’s. The vocals could use a boost in the higher frequencies for added brightness, along with a dynamic EQ and a slight bell cut (?) at the mids and high mids to tame the resonance a bit. Maybe some added saturation and a bit more compression (?) to bring out the vocals more. I do think that some parts where the background vocals are by themselves could’ve been a bit louder, like 2;40 and the end where the choir comes together.

The instrumental is very solid and atmospheric. Really nailed those underwater vibes for me. Not much problems here besides maybe a little delay could be added to the pop effect heard in the verses and the clicking sound being a bit too loud at the final chorus, but that’s just me.

Overall, really nice atmospheric french pop song that does justice to a childhood favourite. :D

EDIT : lmaoo realised this is from bullet heaven 2, point still stands...